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St Peters Lutheran College Langer Library website: Data Sets

Searching for Data Sets

Here are some options you can try that will make finding relevant datasets easier:

Do an image search:

For getting data sets in easy to read formats, use the image search function of your search engine (eg. Google images).

  • Search with your chosen keywords AND a format term (eg. Chart, graph, statistics). Make sure to include a format type otherwise you will end up with random images from the web!
  • Open the image’s website source. It may lead you to a useful source and link you to more information.
  • Remember that internet search engines will gather images from many sources, so it is up to you to make sure the information is reliable, relevant and trustworthy.

Use data set search engines:

There are some internet search engines designed to specifically search for data sets. This will help you find varied data sets from many sources. One example is Google's Dataset Search (see link further on this page). 

  • Use keywords and search terms as you would a normal internet search. A dataset search engine will automatically limit the results to dataset. 
  • Remember to question where and how these sites gather their data.

Search data portals:

Data portals are owned by organisations so their specific data can be accessed directly. For example is the portal for data sets published by Australian Government departments.

  • Use keywords and subject terms in a data portal to find more specific information.
  • Most data portals let you refine your search. Eg. by organisation/department, location, topic, etc.
  • Remember: Data found within a data portal is more likely to be trustworthy but you still need to analyse its relevance and reliability.

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