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How to search the Library Catalogue: How to search the Library Catalogue

Step 1. Login to the Langer Library catalogue

On the ground floor of the Langer Library there are 2 designated computer terminals which you may use to search for items held in various locations - at the Library, in departmental collections on the campus, or for information from Online databases and the Internet. You can also use your own computers from the Langer Library website.

Click on the Langer Library catalogue link on the website homepage (or on any other page the link appears), and then enter your user id and password.


Step 2. Conduct a search


  • You can search via: keyword, author, subject, title, publisher or series.
  • Searching will default to a subject search.  If you want to do a different type of search use the drop down arrow to select the type of search you wish to do.
  • For keyword searching use one or more words—the most unusual ‘keywords’
  • Any search will access all resources – fiction, non-fiction, digital items, videos, posters etc.
  • After pressing search or enter, a screen will appear detailing your search results.


Step 3. Select the resources you want.


  • You can refine your search results further by Subject, Media, Author search
  • Hover over the green/grey ‘Availability ‘icon to see the exact location and the call number of the resource.
  • If the box is green it is available in the library and if grey it is on loan.  You may ‘Reserve’ the item and you will be emailed when  it is returned.
  • Click on the Title for more details about the item - especially if you need information for a Bibliography